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washing machine main problem

Top 5 Washer Problems and Solutions
Washer is making strange sounds or vibrations.
Washer won't run or stops mid-cycle.
Water won't drain.
Water isn't pumping out during the spin cycle.
The basket is slow or won't spin.


Common Refrigerator Problems and How to Fix Them

Water Leaking on the Floor.
Freezer Isn't Cold Enough.
Refrigerator is Cycling Too Often.
Fresh Food Compartment Is Warming Up.
Sheet of Ice on the Freezer Floor.
Buildup of Frost in the Ice Dispenser.
Ice Maker is Overflowing.
Refrigerator is Freezing Food.


Common Microwave Oven Problems

The Microwave Does Not Work.
The Microwave Oven Does Not Heat Food.
The Microwave Oven starts and then Stops for a Brief period.
The Light Bulb Is Not Working.
The Turntable Does Not Work The Buttons Do Not Work.
Sparks In The Microwave Oven.
The Door In The Microwave does not open.


Here are 10 common AC problems and their possible solutions:

Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On.
Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air.
Air Conditioner Freezing Up Outside Unit.
AC Refrigerant Leak.
Air Conditioner Making Noises.
Frozen Evaporator Coil.
Electric Control Failure.
Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside.


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At Repair Service Center, we aim to provide customers with a wide range of complete repairing solutions for their kitchen appliances, home appliances work, repair, replacement parts, AMC etc.

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With over 20 years of experience, Service Center Appliance Repair Professionals has the expertise to quickly your malfunctioning systems in Delhi NCR and repair all issues with your equipment. Our well trained technicians have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get your work done right the first time. Our primary goal is to keep you in the loop and feel comfortable at every step. From air-conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine. We can work on all make and model.


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